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Our sales activity
We provide a wide variety of products including not only electric and electronic parts and equipment, but also measuring instruments, FA control parts and equipments, distribution panels, control panels, and plant control systems.
Sales of electric and electronic parts, and equipments
We collect various control equipments, parts, and materials for industrial FA systems, utilizing our experience and broad network, and provide them to our customers quickly.
We are dealing with over 1,000 manufacturers. Therefore, we can collect various parts from a number of manufacturers at once, and deliver them in a lump.
We secure a stock of approximately 13,000 models of major manufacturers, and supply any model to the customers quickly.
  Sales of equipment and systems for industrial plants
We have plenty of experience in electric and instrumentation equipments and systems for plants of shipbuilding companies, heavy-equipment manufacturers, and manufacturers of chemical products, synthetic fabrics, and iron and steel.
When designing and producing distribution panels, control panels, control systems, and computer-controlled systems, we work with the affiliate companies as an engineering trading company and deliver an optimal system for the customers.
We have delivered a lot of products and systems to not only domestic plants, but also overseas plants.

Since we have business with 2,000 or more companies (incl. manufacturers and trading companies),
our customer manufacturers can focus on expansion of the market.

Please contact us if you want information.