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Corporate Development
April 1929 Started as a business agent of Westinghouse Electric Company, Limited, Japan
May 1939 Established a branch office at Fengtian,
Former-Manchuria (Current Shenyang, China) to sell electric equipment
November 1944 Closed Fengtian Branch Office because of War
November 1949 Changed to Limited Company Organization
June 1961 Established Hiroshima Branch
February 1968 Established Kyoto Branch
April 1973 Established Storage & Logistic Center
June 1978 Established Tokyo Branch
September 1990 Established Takamatsu Branch
April 1991 Established Fukuoka Branch
May 2004 Established Hokuriku Branch
February 2005 All offices obtained ISO14001 license
April 2010 Established Chubu Branch
April 2011 Established TE Division