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TE is the world leading connectors manufacturer.
Vast inventory of connectors for various electronic products from NIPPON DENKA KOGYOSHO are available for your needs at any time.
NIPPON DENKA KOGYOSHO supplies all the products used for various application such as automotive, industrial equipment, computers, home appliances, and information and communication equipment.

TE electronics products lineup covers cable assemblies, relays, sensors, antennas, LAN connection products, and more, enabling us to provide total solutions tailored to your requirements.


RAYCHEM's radiation high polymer chemistry is the sate of the art technology utilizing high-energy electron beams and radiation to cross-link polymers. It expands the strength and the durability with unique characteristics.
Heat-shrink tubing, shape-memory elastomers, and conductive polymers are the example of the cutting edge technology developed by Raychem.

These products are widely utilized in the various field, including aerospace, construction, electric power, railways, telecommunications, automotive, plant engineering, and computers.

Wide selection of our inventory with enough quantity from.
NIPPON DENKA KOGYOSHO will surely satisfy any kind of your needs.


Leading the Switch Industry!
NKK is the top manufacturer of switches, offering a diverse range of switches used across various industries, from space satellite equipments to computers, entertainment and broadcasting audio equipment, FA automation equipment, aviation, railways, marine vessels, medical devices, disaster prevention, control equipment, construction, mobile communications, and more.
Wide selection of switches will satisfy any kind of your needs.

Nanaboshi Electric Mfg.Co., Ltd.

NIPPON DENKA KOGYOSHO runs the largest inventory of Nanaboshi products and are available for your needs at any time.
Nanaboshi has special expertise in circular metal connectors offering a wide range of products including waterproof connectors.
Those are used in various sectors such as power, machinery, FA equipment, and communication infrastructure.

Kimura Electric Co., Ltd.

KIMDEN has long experienced technology of manufacturing harsh environmental use components like:
control and signal equipment's for labeled LED combination signal lights, square LED signal lights, round LED signal lights, LED light sources, surface-emitting LED light sources, all types of terminal blocks, annunciators, mosaic panels, and more as our main products.

IDEC Corporation

IDEC carries a wide variety of inventory such as switches and LED signal equipment as human-machine interfaces.
IDEC extremely reliable products minimize human intervention, making full use of robots in cellular manufacturing technology for production.

Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Components to be used in various segments, such as the operation and safety of factory FA systems and intelligent buildings, including distribution equipment and control systems.
Not limiting components, system products are also available from NIPPON DENKA KOGYOSHO.


Including twist-locking electrical wiring devices, all the products are available from our inventory.
American twist-locking product line covers more than 30 rated-value types, meets all standards from 2-4 cores and 15A-100A.
American is the top brand in Japan.


Harting, a brand that has gained significant global support across industries for its high reliability and flexible customization capabilities is available from us.
Harting's soldering free-wiring technology contributes environmental capability and simple, reliable usability. It makes considerable value addition.

MG Co., Ltd.

Make Greener Automation

M System Co., Ltd. has renamed to MG Co., Ltd. on January 2024,
Even the company name has changed, its corporate policy remains unchanged.
MG Co., Ltd. continues offering various products based on the following concept:
Through the accumulated technologies in analog signal technology in the field of instrumentation equipment, especially in signal converters, MG Co., Ltd. has expertise in integrating technologies such as small signal amplification,
high-precision and high-voltage insulation, low power consumption and low noise power supply, as well as software and digital technologies, to advance the development of new interface equipment.


With its unique technology of electromagnetic type circuit breakers, NIKKO ELECTRIC MFG. has acquired invincible reliance from heavy duty professional users, such as rolling stock, traffic signaling systems, and broadcasting applications.
Since electromagnetic type breaker is fully free from ambient temperature, it is widely used for the application requires fast recovery, such as in a harsh environment.
NIKKO ELECTRIC MFG is ready for customization of its products for various customer needs.


Sakazume Electric IND. has unique technology in LED illumination and provides wide variety of small size components like:
LED signal lights, discharge tube signal lights, bulb signal lights, large LED modules, signal light transformers, wiring boxes, seesaw lighting switches, flicker pilot lights, terminal blocks, fuse holders, rubber bushings, test terminals, and card holders.

Nakamura Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Various type of explosion-protective control equipment is available from Nakamura Electric MFG.
Please feel free to contact with us for anything related to explosion-proof needs.


Through the expertise in manufacturing wiring implements, JIMBO provides products developed through the years of accumulated technical expertise and know-how.

OMRON Corporation

All types of products in line are provided under the following concept.
Omron, as a pioneer in automation, supports the realization of needs in various industries globally, not limited in its products, further provides solution for universal needs in society such as 'quality', 'safety', and 'environment'.